Why Sponsorship?

The global sponsorship industry continues to experience significant growth, but why are brands investing so heavily? For starters, 61% of Americans have made a purchase due to sponsorship activation over the past 12 months. Start your sponsorship journey with consumer insights that will guide your investment in sponsorship.


Evaluate a Sponsorship Opportunity

Seven simple metrics. Dig into the behavioral, emotional and impact metrics that will size the potential of any sponsorship opportunity. Did you know that 120M Americans engage with the NBA over the course of a year and that more than half of them do so on a weekly basis- that’s 66M people a brand can connect with weekly.

Compare Sponsorship Opportunities

One SponsorPulse™ Opportunity Score. Compare thousands of sponsorship opportunities instantly with one common currency across sport, music, lifestyle, entertainment and cause. Now you can compare and optimize your entire sponsorship portfolio with one common currency.


  • Analyze a Sponsorship Opportunity
  • Activation & Asset Effectiveness
  • Celebrity Impact Testing
  • Activation Success Testing
  • Sponsorship Effectiveness
  • Coming soon: Sponsorship Valuation