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A Decade of Trending

Sometimes where we’ve been can be a great guide for where we may go next. Over the past 10 years, we’ve invested countless hours of global consulting expertise and had an ongoing committment to R&D to answer the questions: what’s now and what’s next? A decade later, we’re continuing to add to our mountain of relevant, compelling context that can be leveraged to ensure your next step is the right one.

30,000+ Interviews

Size matters. Talking to a couple of kids might be enlightening, but it wont be statistically relevant. Remember that their world is only seen through one lens. When you’re making decisions big and small, it’s essential to get the full picture. That means talking to big enough groups – diverse in their age, gender, region, interests – to confidently inform the right strategy, right investment, right next step forward.

1,000+ Case Studies

Inspiration and guidance can come from anywhere. Are you curious about what brands are resonating with your key customer? How they’re investing and what’s actually breaking through? We have a dedicated team adding to our database of 1,000+ case studies every month, curating global examples from brands big and small, putting them under our microscope to uncover what really works. Get inspired, get informed, and know before you go.

Role of Technology: Generations agree it makes things better



When it comes to the role of tech, gen-Zs and millennials are more optimistic, but it isn’t night and day across generations.  Young or old(er) more than half agree that technology makes everything better.

Brands Youth Relate To


In February 2020, we asked 2,600 American Gen-Zs (13-24 year olds) which brands they relate best to. Here’s a peek at what they told us… can you guess number one?

GenZ Brands They Relate To